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About us


Growing up as kids in Europe, there was only no better feeling then being gifted or getting CHOCOLATES! We grew up on Kinder Eggs, chocolate bars, and gummies! And although we have grown up, lets admit... we still love Chocolates! 

Our Goal is to provide everyone the joy of bringing back their childhood memories of getting gifted or simply enjoying these chocolate brands and products. We make it accessible, easy, and quick to get your hands on your favorite European Chocolate delivered straight to your doorstep! 

Regardless if you are giving a gift, getting a gift, client gift, or snack pack for the office, college care package, etc.. there are so many reasons why our curated variety packs are perfect for your chocolate fix. 


KINDER CURATED BOX: A mixed variety of Kinder's classic and most well recognized products. House favorite and best seller! This is everyones goto box. 
NESTLE CURATED BOX: Well known name with some delicious handpicked options from Nestle's worldwide product variety. This includes products mainly found in North America, Europe, and Asia. Great choice if you are into wafers with different fillings!
CADBURY CURATED BOX: Everyone is well familiar with their chocolate so this goes without saying is our most Chocolate-ty box we have. Lots of chocolate bar variations. Great for a good chocolate bar lover!
MALTESERS CURATED BOX: These Chocolate covered malt balls are so loved they get their own box of appreciation. If you are a Maltesers fan this is the ultimate box for you! Classic malt balls also with their tasty chocolate bar option as well!
MILKA BOX: This box is for any chocolate bar lover. Milka is known for its high quality milk chocolate options. These are some of their most popular, so we suggest you start trying them out first!
CHOCOLATE LOVER CURATED BOX: The ultimate box for the ultimate chocolate bar lover. We give you a wide variety of flavors and chocolate combinations to try and find out what your favorite bar is! One of our best sellers!
HARIBO CURATED BOX: There are so many different kind of animals, fruits, and creatures Haribo gummy candies come in so we are offering you a MIX variety of 6 different varieties. This is the only Box that the product is always changing so you get a sampler of all the 17 different Haribo options! Once you know which ones you like you can order them thru our regular product items!